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Aşadar, astfel se spune "helfer" în română.
Cuvântul "helfer" a fost căutat de 6 ori.
Până în prezent, există un număr de 18.853 cuvinte / expresii căutate, dintre care 191 astăzi.
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Audiences Comes Out in Force for Bannockburn Green Free Summer Concert Series (11 mar 2013)
Despite adverse weather, the economy, and competing events, Bannockburn Green enjoyed record attendance at its second annual free Summer Concert Series. For four Fridays in July and August, the shopping center showcased premier jazz, blues, and big-band artists who rocked the stage and entertained hundreds. The positive turnout at this new summer tradition has already inspired plans for next year's lineup.(PRWeb September 03, 2009)
'Battlestar Galactica' Auction Catalog is Now Online and Ready for Purchase in Final Countdown to the Live Auction Event January 16-18, 2009 (11 mar 2013)
NBC Universal Television, DVD, Music and Consumer Products Group and Propworx Team with Auction Network to Stream Auction Live at http://www.auctionnetwork.com (http://www.auctionnetwork.com). NBC Universal Also Announces Series of Live Panel Discussions with Key Creative Executives from the Hit SCI FI Channel Series During Auction Preview Day, Friday, January 16(PRWeb December 19, 2008)
Amazing Gates Announces Acquisition of Zareba Systems' Professional Automatic Gate Opener Product Line (11 mar 2013)
Amazing Gates of America announces the acquisition of the professional line of automatic gate openers from Zareba Systems, Inc. The product line purchase rounds out Amazing Gates' professional level gate and fence packages targeted at Do-It-Yourself (DIY) home owners and contractors.(PRWeb October 31, 2008)
IDW Publishing Presents First Ever Comics Biographies Of Barack Obama And John McCain - GoComics Will Bring Books to Mobile Users Worldwide (11 mar 2013)
IDW Publishing presents a unique venture in the history of comics publishing: a pair of graphic novel biographies, Presidential Material: Barack Obama and Presidential Material: John McCain to be released October 8th in print and on mobile phones.(PRWeb July 23, 2008)
Steve Freund Brings Blues Trio and Chicago History to Local Music Studio (11 mar 2013)
Blues guitarist Steve Freund will visit 851 Music Studio in Benicia. Freund will play a guided guitar tour of the evolution of modern blues with roots in country blues and a touch of 40's jazz.(PRWeb June 24, 2008)
New Controversial Movie Attempts To Solve the World's Problems (11 mar 2013)
The critically-acclaimed film, The Genius Club, written and directed by Tim Chey, opens in selected movie theaters on November 2, 2007 in Los Angeles.(PRWeb October 12, 2007)
Tricia Helfer Website for Fans at triciahelferfansite.com (11 mar 2013)
Triciahelferfansite.com is now online.(PRWeb June 16, 2006)
New Rapper Out of Canada the Next Big Thing? (11 mar 2013)
Max Helfer aka Mixwell is an MC/Producer who is quickly gaining popularity in the independent music scene.(PRWeb April 23, 2006)
Three More Masterminds Wrap Up 'THE GENIUS CLUB' For Director Tim Chey (11 mar 2013)
Matt Medrano, Paula Jai Parker, and Tom Sizemore have wrapped up shooting ‘The Genius Club’ from writer/director Tim Chey. The actors joined Stephen Baldwin, Carol Abney, Philip Moon, Huntley Ritter, Tricia Helfer, and Jack Scalia in the thriller that began shooting January 30, 2006.(PRWeb February 27, 2006)
Harry Potter, Move Over! (11 mar 2013)
What's the hottest new novel in the fantasy readers’ realm? A ‘starred’ review in Publishers Weekly might just provide the answer.(PRWeb January 30, 2006)
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